What To Do After A Hurricane Hits Your Home

Don’t rush into things right away- give yourself a day or two to recover from the hurricane before starting anything major. Even after just one hurricane it’s easy to try and do too much at once with little rest in between tasks.  It’s also an excellent idea to let the authorities know if you need any assistance during or after hurricane, because they probably won’t come by unless someone requests it.

After hurricane hits your home:

– Let family know that you’re okay

– Do not try to put everything back together at once

– Call the electric company and the water department right away for assistance

– Take photos of what hurricane damage was done to your house so you’ll have visual evidence in case insurance companies claim hurricane was less destructive than it actually was. This way, it will be harder for them to get out of giving you financial compensation. This can also help prevent other people from committing fraud (claiming the hurricane did more damage than it actually did) and getting money that should go to hurricane victims.

– Take photos of hurricane damage done to your yard

– Check for structural damage

– Make sure that all windows blown open or broken during hurricane are closed and/or boarded up

– Contact your homeowner’s insurance company immediately, to make a claim for hurricane damage done to your home

 – Remove broken glass or sharp objects from around the house before allowing pets or children into rooms

– Throw all spoiled food away

– Clean your home after hurricane because mold loves wet, dirty surfaces

– Be careful with generators because they become extremely dangerous if something happens to them, which can be deadly

– Be wary of snakes and insects who are trying to come indoors for shelter

– Keep drainage system clear of debris

– Make note of which trees have been downed and figure out how to cut it up if you need to get rid of it yourself

– Stay away from standing water, because that’s where mosquitoes breed

Get Help From Federal Assistance

Hurricanes can be devastating and leave people homeless and looking for somewhere to go. If you’re one of the many hurricane victims there’s good news: FEMA just might help you out.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is an agency that helps with hurricane relief efforts, but they can’t do it alone; FEMA will put you in touch with charities and other agencies who may also want to help. Even if your home hasn’t been hit, there’s still a chance that another hurricane victim could use some assistance.