What Is A Public Adjuster?

There are several different types of insurance adjusters, but public adjuster is one you may not know yet. So what does a public adjuster do , and why should you consider hiring one?

A public adjuster, also called an insurance adjuster or claims adjuster, is someone who works for you to maximize the settlement amount on losses covered under your homeowners or business owner policy. The public adjuster deals with your insurance company and gets damage estimates, negotiates with contractors, files paperwork, and helps you navigate the claims process.

Public adjusters are required to be licensed by your state’s insurance department.

Can a Public Adjuster help me?

         The public adjuster can help you negotiate a better settlement with your insurance company, allowing you to receive the full amount of compensation for which you are entitled.  There are different types of public adjusters that specialize in specific areas , such as damage restoration or hurricane claims.  You may want to contact a public adjuster after an accident, when it is time to file a claim for damages from fire, flood, storms or other events. They can also be called in when there seems to be a disagreement between your insurance company and yourself over coverage options or payments.

         For example: A public adjuster may be able to determine if water damage was caused by burst pipe, storm surge, sewage backup, or public water main break. That public adjuster can also evaluate the property damage to determine if it is covered under the standard homeowners insurance policy.

            A public adjuster can investigate your claim after an accident, during which time they will collect information needed for the insurance company to process your claim. These professionals may be able to resolve differences between you and an insurance company regarding payment for damages caused by accidents. The public adjuster assists in assessing various situations where public adjusters are needed such as fire losses, vandalism , hurricanes , floods , hurricane damage, windstorms , hail storms , glass damage , theft repairs.

Should I hire a public adjuster?

People often wonder if public adjusters are necessary or not. While public adjusters can be expensive, it turns out that they may be the best option to save money and ensure a faster claim processing time.

If a public adjuster is hired during the process of filing a claim, it can ensure that all benefits have been accounted for in a comprehensive policy. Not only does a public adjuster help the consumer recover more quickly from their losses by directing them towards optimal remedies, but they can also help them avoid many unnecessary costs associated with filing a public insurance claim.