How Often Should You Replace Supply Lines?

It is important to check your Plumbing supply line frequently to ensure it is not leaking. Even if you do not have any Plumbing supply line leaks, it may be best for you to replace the Plumbing supply line every few years, or replaced after about 15 years of service, whichever comes first.

The Plumbing supply line delivers water from the public main to various appliances and faucets throughout your home. If your Plumbing supply line becomes corroded or damaged in some way, then that can cause all kinds of issues with Plumbing performance; for example it could lead to low water pressure or no water at all coming through Plumbing fixtures and possibly cause a water damage. Many times Plumbers will see evidence of corrosion on the outside of a Plumbing supply line even if Plumbing leaks haven’t started yet. If Plumbing leaks, then Plumbers will use a Plumbing snake to inspect the interior of Plumbing supply lines; if Plumbing snakes aren’t able to access the interior of the Plumbing supply line because it is corroded or otherwise damaged, then Plumbers should recommend you replace your Plumbing supply line immediately.

Some people choose to replace their Plumbing supply line every year or every few years for peace of mind. It makes sense because even though Plumber might be able to fix problems with old Plumbing supply lines, that can be expensive and time consuming. By choosing to just replace your Plumbing supply line periodically instead of trying to repair it, you save both money and stress over time.

If you start noticing Plumbing supply line leaks, then that’s definitely something that should be addressed right away before Plumbing starts to get worse and Plumbers need to come more frequently. Plumbing supply lines can last for a while if they are not somehow compromised by corrosion or other damage; some Plumbers estimate Plumbing supply line lifespans in the 20 year range or so. If your Plumbing supply line is showing signs of Plumbing problems such as leaking, then you should consider replacing it immediately even if it is still functional.

Plumbing supply lines are relatively inexpensive and Plumbers can install them quickly so there really isn’t any reason to wait. Plumbing supply lines should be inspected every few years or replaced after about 15 years of service, whichever comes first. Plumbing supply line corrosion can compromise Plumbing performance if it isn’t addressed quickly. Click here to compare prices for new supply lines at home depot.

How often should you replace supply lines?